Promoting Positive Inclusion in our Community

Heather Black  – O’takii Tsowaakii Blackfoot from the Kainaiwa Nation, and a long-time resident of Calgary.  Heather is an industry expert with more than 15 years of experience in the full life cycle in both the Business and Educational industry.  She carries great passion with traditional and contemporary values, always willing to share cross cultural knowledge, and provide you the connection to a professional circle of supports.

Heather works extensively with Education authorities to customize a Skills development program for youth.  This exclusive program engages and encourages youth to pursue their education and to explore and build confidence as they step into the world of careers.   

Heather is also very passionate with supporting entrepreneurs with start-up and also by exploring opportunities of growth for existing business owners.  What’s unique?  Heather has the ability to be adaptable to the needs of Entrepreneurs with Disabilities. 

Heather is most fulfilled when helping people to grow professionally. Her vision and ability to nurture relationships lead to long-term solutions and success.

Heather has a broad range of Education and certifications:

  • Certified Aboriginal BEST Facilitator
  • Business Management, SAIT Polytechnic
  • Certified Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Coach – Community Futures Alberta
  • Certified Beyond the Hurt Facilitator – Red Cross
  • Interior Decorator – SAIT Polytechnic
  • Self-Employment Program – Meyers Norris Penny
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