Youth Engagement Programs

I-Generation, Sculpting the expert:

Skills Development provides Indigenous youth with life ingredients that empowers and encourages them to realize their potential.  It takes a community to support our youth, through collaboration with Educational and Employment entities, I-generation is an in-class program working towards building confidence in our future leaders. 

Utilizing the Coach approach youth will be engage by:

  • Drawing out their own ideas
  • Develop action plans
  • Develop their Education/Career plans
  • Build their own Portfolio empowerment tool

BTH and I-gen

Beyond the Hurt:
Preventing Bullying and Harassment

Beyond the Hurt imagines a environment without bullying – a world in which individuals, schools and communities all play a role in creating healthy, safe and caring environments.  This unique program is very interactive, engages the students with interactive activities and brings understandings to the challenges we as Indigenous people face. 

  • In Class facilitation
  • 3 hour class – flexible scheduling
  • Grade 6 thru 11



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